Lexington College

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Less than 1000
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Lexington College
310 South Peoria Ste. 512

General Information

Lexington College is a private, non-profit university located in Chicago, IL. The college has a total campus size of less than 1000 college students. Additionally, it employs a semester calendar system and offers undergraduate but no graduate diplomas.

The college is located within a large city, and provides college level courses and degree programs up to the bachelor's degree level.

It is specifically a business school with a specialized curriculum focus that offers exclusively 4-year undergraduate degrees. It's also an inclusive school with low incoming student transfers, and has an average-sized student body.

The school also has scored a student-to-faculty rate at 7:1 - this number is a great indicator of the class sizes that can be expected at Lexington College.


Lexington College does not have an open admission policy, and a minimal amount of requirements must be met in order a be admitted into the college. There is an application fee of $20 in order to apply directly to the college. In 2012, the school received 0 male applicants, and 66 female applicants that sought acceptance to this school.

Different colleges employ different levels of selectivity when deciding which students to accept into their school. Lexington College evaluates the following metrics when evaluating admission into their college:

  • High School GPA
  • High School Records
  • Completion of College-Level High School Courses
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Admissions Tests Like the ACT and SAT

When you are applying to a specific college, it is important to anticipate which credits are transferable into the college. The admissions department at Lexington College will accept the following credits to be shifted into their school upon admission:

  • Credits From Work or Life Experiences
  • AP Credits From High School

Programs and Services

When selecting a potential college to attend, it is important to fully develop an understanding of what programs and services are offered by the school inside and outside of the classrooms. Lexington College offers these services:

  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Weekend and Evening Classes
  • Remedial Classes
  • Student Counseling Services
  • Federal Work-Study and Internship Programs
  • Job Placement Services

You can get in touch with the school yourself though, by using the contact information found on this webpage, to get a better idea about these programs and how the school integrates them.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Lexington College does not charge different tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students, and those attending the school should expect to pay a yearly tuition rate of $23500.

Lexington College does not provide on-campus housing.

The college provides the following services to their students to help in assisting with their tuition costs:

  • Payment Plans for Tuition Costs
  • Pay Later Tuition Programs
  • Certain Interest Free Loans

There's a total of 57 undergraduates going to this school, and 57 (100%) of the enrollment receives a certain amount of financial aid. This college boasts a total student aid reserve of $649829, and gives each student an average allocation of $11401 in aid.

Additionally, there are 41 college students currently receiving Pell Grants from the university. This college has an annual allocation of $174075 in Pell Grants, and distributes them to 72% of the student body, with each student's average Pell Grant being $4246.

Many students attending college choose to receive government loans so that they can go to college. Currently, 79% of the school's students are receiving federal aid. Average loan amounts for the 45 students receiving government aid at Lexington College is $7692.

Government aid eligibility is quantified using an array of independent factors, and we suggest you contact this college in order to learn more about the various regulations and eligibility prerequisites for financial aid.